This Mysterious Metal Orb (Probably) Isn’t Alien Tech

I know some of us were raised on the idea that the “truth is out there,” and would like to imagine every strange flying object might have come from the stars.

Maybe some of them have, but in the case of the mysterious metal orb that landed in Mexico recently, that’s probably not true.

Meteorologist Isidro Cano described the orb as “a very hard plastic or an alloy of various metals.

Witnesses claimed they say the orb “falling from the sky” just north of Veracruz, Mexico. It landed in a tree, making a noise but not on fire.

Cano continued to explain that people should “not touch or come near it until it has been reviewed by a specialist” because “it may have radioactivity.”

In a follow up post he said the orb’s exterior contained a “code” and “should not be opened.”

He also claims the spheres “are timed so that at some time they will open on their own and show the valuable information they bring with them.”

Which seems a bit ominous, if you ask me.

They reported later that the “artifact” had been removed from the tree and from Mexico altogether. Many people are suggesting that it is likely something as mundane as a weather balloon, though it could be genuine space debris.

Image Credit: Facebook

We have previously found pieces of rockets that have fallen back to Earth, so it could definitely be something returning to Earth, not arriving here for the first time.

There are commenters who are certain it’s alien, or perhaps a dragon egg (too much Game of Thrones for some people), it seems the meteorologist on site believes space junk to be the most likely culprit.

“To my consideration it may be part of the Chinese rocket that was out of control and that large number of parts were seen to land in Malaysia on the other side of the world.”

At some point, we will probably be let in on the answer to this mystery, but in the meantime, theorize away.

I mean, I don’t know what else they expect us to do.

Maybe someone will accidentally hit on the answer.