This Parent Refused to Dye Their Daughter’s Hair After Her School Complained. Are They Wrong?

Why do some teachers and school administrators get all bent out of shape when it comes to what colors the hair of their students happens to be?

It’s weird!

But some schools take it more seriously than others…check out this story from a parent who wants to know if they were out of line when it came to a controversy regarding their daughter’s dyed hair.

AITA for refusing to dye my daughter’s hair because her school complained?

“My daughter(15F) dyed her hair dark reddish brown for her birthday.I didn’t let her dye her hair in middle school but said she could in high school.

The school has a dress code for hair that just specified “natural hair colors only”. Which I took to mean browns, blondes, reds, black etc basically natural tones. Her natural hair is black but I don’t think it’s much of a change. The hairdresser that did a bleaching on her hair said it was not lighten enough to cause significant damage.

But then one of the teachers in the beginning of the oct last year began complaining to me during parent teacher meetings that her hair didn’t meet dress code. I said her hair color grew out of people’s heads so why was it out of dress code?

She told me it was clearly not her natural color and I shot back tons of her students that I saw that evening had blonde hair and highlights when they clearly natural brunettes. She claimed they look like they could be blonde but my daughter’s hair was suppose to be black.

My daughter is Asian so it’s pretty racist to say she can’t dye her hair and I brought it up with the principle but he agreed with her saying it was against dress code. But I saw tons of white kids in her class with obviously brown hair that dyed it blonde and even red but no one said anything. They want me to darken her hair again so it looks “natural”.

This went on until the end of the school year. I contacted the superintendent several times but she never got back to me. It’s almost the start of school again and I get an email from the principle reminding me my daughter is only allowed black hair.

She still has her reddish brown hair and doesn’t want to dye it back. But I’ve tried to fight it and the last thing to do is to barge into the superintendents office and demand she get involved.”

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