This Person Thinks Watered-Down Mayonnaise Is Better Than Milk in Hot Chocolate. People Responded.

Okay, this is just disgusting…

There, I said it.

Watered-down mayo in hot chocolate?

Are you sh**ting me?!?!

I think I’m gonna be sick…

A person on AskReddit thinks that watered-down mayonnaise is better than milk in hot chocolate…

Here’s how other readers reacted.

1. Yes, you’re disgusting.

“Call me disgusting but hear me out, mayo has a ton of fat content and it’s all just flavour. The savoury taste of mayo goes perfectly with the sweet hot chocolate. It has an added benefit of not triggering any lactose intolerances.

For anyone wondering, the only way to make watered down mayo without it being just a bunch of globules of mayo. You have to put the mayo in a food processor and slowly add water, essentially emulsifying it with the water.”

2. We won’t forget.

“1,000 years from now, historians will try to find out what exactly went wrong with you.”

3. Who’s worse?

“Not sure how this one compares to the devil who puts ketchup in their iced coffee though.

Can’t decide, so they probably tie for “most disgusting person of 2021.”

4. Won’t even think about it.

“My stomach is churning, and that doesn’t happen often.

I’ve actually only thrown up a handful of times in the 15 years of my adult life. Al**hol or food poisoning were the culprit for the most part, except for one time which happened as a result of watching a live birth.

I’d give the live birth another shot before trying mayo and hot chocolate.”

5. Not this time.

“Usually I’m a don’t-knock-it-till-you’ve-tried-it guy, but that sounds pretty gross.”

6. Gave it a shot.

“I tried this out of morbid curiousity.

I only have Kewpie mayonnaise on hand (Made in Thailand; ingredients: Soybean oil, Egg yolk (9.5%), Distilled vinegar, Salt, Rice vinegar, Water, Flavour enhancer (621), Spices (contains mustard), Antioxidant (385)). Made with Cadbury Chocolate Drink (Made in Australia; ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Starch (Maize or Tapioca), Mineral Salt (501), Flavour).

Prepared it to instructions for the drinking chocolate, with 1 heaped teaspoon of the powder to 1 cup of the mayonnaise concoction. While it perhaps wasn’t as disgusting as it sounds, it was still actually quite unpleasant.

I was able to finish the beverage, but there was this mildly acidic aftertaste that made me think I was drinking expired… something. And I also wasted perfectly good mayo.”

7. More fat!

“Why not just use heavy cream if he wants more fat?

There is literally no reason to soil hot chocolate with mayo. If you need more flavor, throw just a touch of salted butter in.

If you’re lactose intolerant there must be options available that are better than mayo.”

8. Trying to be fair…

“To be fair, using mayo in the baking of chocolate desserts is something I can atest, leads to a wonderful chocolate cake, so the combination on paper might technically work.”

That being said this makes me f**king sick. Thank you for using this subreddit correctly you absolute monster.”

9. Blasphemy!

“This is why there were crusaders.

Because every day we stray further from God…”

10. You’re done.

“They say everyone is entitled to their opinion.

This guy is not.

He’s lost the privilege of owning any more opinions until he repents for this one.”

11. Are you a troll?

“I think he is baiting to troll people into actually believing it and trying for themselves.

And honestly I think at least one person will see this post and try it at home, getting completely bamboozled by this madness.”

12. A new level.

“My brother used to eat vanilla ice cream with tomato paste, but this is on a whole other level of disgusting.”

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