This Person Wants to Know if They’re Wrong for Laughing When a Colleague Got Reported

Sometimes in life, you just can’t help containing your laughter, you know?

And a person took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to ask if they were wrong for laughing when a co-worker got reported.

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AITA for laughing when my colleague got reported?

“I’m (28) a new faculty member at a college and the days that I go to my office and sit for my office hours to talk to students, there is another professor who likes to gossip about her students to anyone who will listen.

She even mentions the students’ names says who is “good” and who is “bad”. She even mentioned a student’s name and how that student is autistic.

She also refers to all of the white cis faculty as Dr. ___ but for me (trans) another faculty member (Black woman) she calls us by our first name. And assumes we don’t have our PhDs. (We do)

I’ve learned to re-direct her or put my headphones in. But sometimes she is hard to avoid or she will expect free therapy from the other faculty member or myself.

She also does this weird thing where she will bring up gender issues but she doesn’t know what I teach? Or I’m trying to work and she will ask me what I think about a piece of media as a trans person.

Yesterday, I went into the shared office space and she said she was reported and has to do sensitivity training. She complained about it.

I laughed. Immediately. And loudly. It felt like it was overdue that she be reported for gossiping about students. She snapped at me. I just laughed and put on my headphones.

I worry I stepped out of line as a new faculty member. I don’t mind the micro aggressions about me but she seems like someone who doesn’t have professional boundaries and gossiping about students was not okay.”

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