This Post about Winter Car Seats and Kids’ Coats Went Viral for All the Right Reasons

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Being judged by others for your parenting skills really shouldn’t be a thing. But it is. And one mom has had enough.

Meet Nicky Campbell. She recently wrote a “winter PSA” about people who see parents with children who aren’t wearing coats.

It’s a must read for parents and non-parents alike.

That’s right. Safety guidelines are basically telling parents that they should bundle their kids up to leave the house, then take off their jackets to get them into a car seat, then take them out of the car seat, and then put that jacket back on.

That may sound easy to the unitiated, but ask any parent who has tried to get a jacket on a kid and you’ll quickly discover that you are WRONG!

In fact, check out this video that shows how difficult it is for a parent to strap a kid into a carseat with a jacket on.

By the way… did you know in Sweden, parents leave their kids out in the cold to sleep? Yeah, that’s a thing.

In fact, there’s even some evidence to suggest that those kids end up catching fewer colds.

Regardless of what they do in Sweden, it’s always best to give parents the benefit of the doubt.

Nicky puts it best:

So what I’m saying is, cut parents some slack. We’re trying. And we’re doing everything we can to make sure our kids are warm while maintaining what’s left of our sanity. Thanks ?

No, thank you! ?