This Scammer Got Expertly Trolled by a Dramatic Neighborhood Saga

We’ve all gotten those shady texts from a random number that’s trying to pull a fast one on us.

Most of the time, these odd encounters can go ignored. Once in a blue moon, though, some brave soul will take them head on.

That’s exactly what happened here… And it’s safe to say that this scammer got totally trolled by fake drama. Nothing stings worse than being bested at your own game!

Image Credit: Cheezburger

Of course, any random number asking you to wire them funds through Apple Pay is fishy enough.

This person is handling the mess with flying colors, though.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

I don’t know what Linda ever did to hurt this person so much, but go off, I guess.

Also, love the fact that the scammer immediately contradicted themselves in a back-to-back text.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

That’s right, this person actually created an entire neighborhood of characters to completely bamboozle the scammer.

I wonder if any of this is inspired by real life.

“Cat hair in the banana pudding” is way too weirdly specific otherwise.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

It’s weird to see the scammer play along, even in the smallest way.

That’s just a testament to how committed this expert troll was to their story.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

And, as always, the end of this interaction got pretty heated.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

Now that is how you get yourself off of a calling or texting list. So, next time you’re in a pickle like this, scr*w politely asking.

Honestly, it’s best to just go for the jugular like this top-tier troll here.

Do you have any crazy encounters with scammers? Share your story with us in the comments!