This Special Needs Drum Corps Competed at World Championships for the First Time

Photo Credit: Facebook

A talented, young group of percussionists and buglers made history when they competed and performed for the first time in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, at the Drum Corp Associates World Championships.

The group is called FREE Players Drummer and Bugle Corp. These performers, like those in the other groups, have worked hard for their invitation to this prestigious competition, but something sets them apart from the others: these musicians are differently abled.

Their performance at the championships marked the first time in history a group made entirely of special needs musicians competed. Some of the members even got to perform solos!

All the musicians were part of the day program by Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, or FREE. They rehearse once a week as a group, but many members practice at home daily.

The non-profits drummer and bugle corp often play at parades around the country, and they’ve also performed at other competitions, but none of them as prominent as the World Championships.

Check out those smiles!

But the Drum Corp Associates World Championships is major league and takes place each Labor Day weekend.

Well done players of FREE! You made history!