This Tumblr Thread Is Like ‘Rosetta Stone’ for Different Types of English

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We all (hopefully) took English class throughout school, learning proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. But then there are those weird phrases and words we didn’t learn in school that have morphed the English language over time until it resembles something almost entirely different.

This is so common that Merriam Webster is constantly adding new words to its dictionaries to reflect our ever-changing language.

But across the pond, they’ve taken English in an entirely different direction. The folks in Australia have some very different words and phrases than the people in Britain. And both of these English variations are wildly different from what we speak in America.

This Tumblr thread demonstrates why it’s always important to ask for clarification if you’re chatting with someone from another country.

The original message for translation goes a little something like this:

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Hmm, OK, that’s a little confusing. What exactly is a “bintang singlet” anyway?

Ah, yes, here’s is the proper English translation:

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Hmm, OK, that must be British English or something. It still doesn’t quite compute.

Let’s try this again, but in American English, what do you say?

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Much better. But then again, what about the people down South?

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That was awesome. It really is funny how many different variations of the English language there are:

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This is just one of the many reasons why the internet is great. People from Australia, speaking English, having a good ol’ time with people thousands of miles away in America, also speaking English, albeit a very different form. What could be better than that?

What are the so-called “English” words that always throw you off?

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