This Thread Explains Why Phone Screens Linked to Depression Is Wrong

Photo Credit: Twitter

There has been much alarm recently among parents that the screen time they’re allowing their kids could lead to mental health issues like depression in the future. Studies have been done and interpreted, and people are wondering whether this technology of ours, no matter how convenient, is ruining an entire generation.

Well, a bit of good news, my friends: This 13 tweet thread delves into a new study that’ll going to relieve your guilt because it turns out the correlation between depression and screens is small, and the research linking them in the first place is fairly flawed.

The authors are working on publishing their findings now, but the study is there for anyone to peruse. Basically, if you’re worried about screens, you should be just as worried about potatoes and eyeglasses negatively influencing your little ones.

Read on to find out why.

Photo Credit: Twitter

We all know it’s best to engage with our children when possible, but it sounds like science hasn’t given us a reason not to use screens when we need them. So relax, parents. We’re doing fine.