This Under-the-Desk Hammock Is Designed for Some Serious Napping at the Office

©Facebook,Uplift Desk

Now you can be just like George Costanza and sleep under your desk while you’re at work! But with this gadget, you’ll be a little more comfortable than he was in that classic episode of Seinfeld.

As someone who used to occasionally sleep in their car during lunch breaks, I wholly approve of this product.

The hammock is manufactured by Uplift Desk, and it comes free with every full desk purchase. It hangs below the company’s standing desk model, and, by the looks of it, you’ll be snoozing in no time if you decide to get comfy in one of these.

You can also buy the hammock from Uplift by itself for $55.

It comes in blue or gray.

All you’ll need to do is install the two anchor plates on the frame, then clip the carabiners that come with the hammock into the anchors, and you’ll be ready to go to Zzzzzzzz-Ville.

The bag that the hammock stuffs into hangs off the side of the hammock when opened, so you can put your phone (with the alarm set!), your keys, and anything else you want to keep next to you in there while you doze off and forget about all that paperwork you have to catch up on.

Ugh, we all know that feeling.

Here’s a video of the hammock in action. Will you be able to resist this product?

I love this idea – the more nap opportunities, the better.

I’m gonna order mine today.