This Video of Baby Owls Could Help Explain Alien Sightings

Image Credit: Pixabay

I have maintained for some time – on the record, mind you – that birds are straight from hell and should be avoided at all costs.

This post, I do believe, only buoys my argument.

Before we get to the most recent video, however, I would like to enter into the record these images of owls showing off their legs.

Yes, they have legs. Yes, they’re long and sort of fabulous.

Yes, they sort of look like human baby legs.

Okay, so now, this twitter user found some baby owls in his attic, made a video, and (probably rightfully) claimed to have figured out what’s up with all of those unverified alien sightings around the world.


They’re baby owls.

Which, unlike 90% of animals in the world, are not at all cute.


Nope. They’re as terrifying as their adult versions, which CAN TURN THEIR HEADS ALL THE WAY AROUND.

That is not normal.


Birds, especially raptors, are from hell.

I rest my case.