This Video Shows How Fast Bacteria Can Spread “Down There”

Knowledge is power and all of that, and sure, one of the best and coolest things about the internet is that we can learn just about anything with the click of a few buttons. Some posts, though, have me wondering if life wasn’t just a bit happier when we didn’t know everything, because some things…I’d be ok maintaining my ignorance.

Because after you realize something, of course, you feel compelled to, you know…take care of it.

Which is exactly how you might feel after watching this TikTok about how quickly bacteria and bacterial infections can spread in the vagina.

Image Credit: Roxanne Ramsey

The TikToker, Roxanne Ramsey, is going to use a zucchini, water, and ranch dressing to make her demonstration about bacterial vaginosis really pop, so consider the squeamish among you warned.

She grabs three bowls and names them – Ashley, the bowl of clean water, Ashley’s boyfriend Brandon, the zucchini, and Britney, the ranch dressing, who always wipes back to front.

Image Credit: Roxanne Ramsey

“Even though Ashley and Brandon’s relationship is really healthy, Brandon went to the market one day and just couldn’t help himself…”

She goes on to show what Brandon looks like after his experimental dip…and what Ashley looks like after Brandon comes home, sheepish and mum about the whole thing, and dips back into her.

Image Credit: Roxanne Ramsey

Ashley gets medicine for the vaginosis, but lo and behold, look what happens in Part 2 of Roxanne’s video…

The vaginosis comes back, even though Brandon has been faithful since that one encounter with infected Britney.

Image Credit: Roxanne Ramsey

Roxanne spoke to Buzzfeed about why the topic was important for her to inform others about online:

“I began to notice I would only get it after s^x with my partner. I had been to so many doctor’s appointments searching for answers, but to no avail. Every doctor told me I was suffering because of my soap and detergent. Finally, I decided to participate in a study for bacterial vaginosis because I thought something was terribly wrong with me.”

A doctor in the study told Roxanne that she thought her boyfriend was probably the reason, but that there were little to no tools for diagnosing bacterial vaginosis in men, and no treatment options, because many doctors didn’t believe men could get or pass the infection along.

Roxanne, though, knew it was at least worth exploring, since she’d tried everything else.

“It’s funny because I’ve struggled with BV for so long, I feel like I have a bacterial vaginosis degree… Once I learned information from the specialist, I knew that treatment was a possibility. She prescribed me meds, and I simply gave them to my partner. I was so shocked because it worked! It was such a simple fix that could’ve saved me years of struggling.”

Image Credit: Roxanne Ramsey

She wanted to share not only the visualization of how easily bacteria can spread and her own experience, but the message that we know our bodies better than anyone else, and when you’re talking to your doctor, it’s important to remember to advocate for yourself.


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Ask the questions, listen to the answers, but remember that you’re in charge of your body and your treatment, so if you feel like something more needs to be done, don’t stop pushing until you don’t feel that way anymore.


Moral of the story: Men can carry the bacteria!😭#bacterialvaginosis #bacterialvaginosistalks #vaginosisbacteriana

♬ original sound – Roxanne Ramsey

Be safe out there friends, and remember to love yourselves all the way up and down.