This Viral TikTok Video Shows What McFlurry Straws Are Actually For

Photo Credit: Pixabay

McDonald’s does a lot of things right β€” their fries, for instance, have an almost cult-level following.

But their McFlurries aren’t half bad either. These creamy treats combine ice cream with some sort of tasty mix-in, like crushed Oreos or M&Ms.

If you’re a frequent consume of McFlurries, you may have always wondered: What the devil is that giant spoon for?

It’s built like a straw, with a hole in the middle of the handle. And yet, it’s almost impossible to suck the thick ice cream up through the spoon/straw hybrid.

Well, mystery solved, thanks to TikTok user @Marzpire who unveiled, once and for all, what these spoons are actually for:


If u didnt know, now u do πŸ˜„ #mcflurry #mcdonalds #icecream #mcdonaldssecrets #howto #canada

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Woah! Mind = blown. The spoon isn’t really for you, the consumer, after all. It’s to help mix the ice cream and the goodies together!

We’ll never look at a McFlurry spoon the same way again. It makes perfect sense.

She’s sharing other McDonald’s secrets, too, like how to make an iced caramel macchiato:


If ur a barista and have any tips lmk were bored out here #starbucks #mcdonalds #icedcoffee #icedcaramelmacchiato #barista

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And how to make McDonald’s iced coffee:


Morning from work #icedcoffee #icedcoffeechallenge #mcdonalds #coffee

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I guess working at McDonald’s can’t be that bad, if you’re able to get some viral TikTok content out of it, right?

What’s your signature McDonald’s order? Do you like McFlurries or are you more of a DQ Blizzard type of a person?

Let us know in the comments!