This Woman And Her Mother-In-Law Refused To Compromise On A One-Year-Old’s Birthday

If you have a great, easy family who usually gets along and does their best to love each other well, this post might confuse you a bit.

In it, we have a mother-in-law who goes all out for her birthdays and a 1-year-old grandson who had the audacity to be born on the same day.

MIL f**king loves her birthday. She kept joking when I was pregnant that if I went into labor on her birthday (2 days before my due date) I better hold him in. Well karma, he was born on her birthday and she was not pleased. MIL came to the hospital for about ten minutes, but said she had plans and left.

OP is the baby’s mother, who was for some reason surprised to learn that her mother-in-law wouldn’t want to share – or reschedule – her 50th birthday.

This year she is turning 50 and he is turning 1 and the day falls on a Saturday. I was super excited that I could have his first party on the actual day, and immediately started making plans. MIL said she is having a party that day, so I need to do his another weekend.

I thought that was ridiculous because one of them is a little kid and it isn’t her. I know technically we could do his in the afternoon and hers at night, but my in laws throw crazy parties. Her fortieth was like the size of a wedding and it requires lots of prep, hair, makeup, so it really wouldn’t fit.

Neither woman is willing to change the date of their parties and harsh words were exchanged.

People aren’t speaking, family drama, etc. etc.

OP’s argument is simply that her son is a child and so he’s more important.

I refused to move the date of his party. MIL got mad and said he won’t even remember. FIL told me my son isn’t the end all be all and she was born first. I told MIL she was being a crybaby and to build a bridge and get over it. I said he is a little kid, so his is more important than hers, and she can do her ridiculous pageant/birthday party another day (didn’t say that part out loud)

MIL is now not talking to us, but not changing the date. This means the family will go to her party, and I feel like she is being really immature. I have no regrets for what I said, but her daughters called me an a$$hole and now aren’t talking to their brother.

What says Reddit? You might be surprised!

The top comment declares that ESH – Everyone Sucks Here.

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No one is in the right, but in this case, the baby should give. He won’t remember it.

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And you know. Kids don’t “count more” because they’re kids.

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It’s all about the parents. Bingo.

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Some people do think that the MIL is actually right this time, because 50 is a big deal.

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Y’all, this is just petty and silly and a family fighting over a literal party.

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