This Woman Is Wondering If She Went Overboard In Getting Someone Fired

I think most of us realize that people really, really need their jobs to survive – and also, we never know what people are going through on any given day, and so we try not to judge our interactions with strangers.

That said, sometimes there are moments when we’re treated so callously, or when a moment is so terribly unexpected, that we can’t help but react.

This woman is a regular customer at a nail salon, and also has a yearly tradition of dolling herself up before Halloween.

She knows the salon books up early and so she makes her appointment months in advance so that she can have the day she wants when the time comes.

Title sounds bad, but hear me out.

So every year on halloween my friends and I go to this big party, we dress up and have fun, all that jazz. So effectively every year I make sure to separate an appointment that day at 8am (opening time) for eyebrows, hair, and nails. I always make this appointment with months in advance, since I know it’s a popular slot. I’m a regular at this salon, not too close to the owner but the employees and the owner know me since thats where I usually go throughout the year anyway.

A few days beforehand, the salon called and asked if she could reschedule because someone else wanted the time slot – someone the tech knew would tip 100%.

They offered her other times that didn’t work, and refused to let her speak to the owner, who they said was out of town and unavailable.

So what happened? The salon calls me up and tells me the person who was supposed to tend to me for my appointment wanted to cancel, because someone else was interested in my slot with her and the other client was willing to pay 100% tip. I ask if she’s serious, she says yes. I ask if there’s anyone else available for that slot (I’m not picky) and they say everything else is booked for 8am, but there’s a spot at 5pm. I tell them that time is absolutely impossible.

They ask if I can come the day before but I can’t since I work. I started getting angry and ask to speak to the owner but she says the owner isn’t available for the rest of the week.

When OP told them she wouldn’t be using the salon anymore they didn’t seem to care, hanging up with only a weak apology.

She removed a 5-star review she had left previously and replaced it with a 1-star review that detailed everything she’d just been through.

I tell them they’re being completely unprofessional and that if they cancel on me I wouldn’t be returning there. They scoff and half heartedly apologize and hang up on me. So, I remove a 5 star review I left a long time ago and leave a 1 star review instead because I was furious.

I explain in my review everything, from the seperating the appointment with months in advance, being a regular, to cancelling on me for a higher tip, and the attitude over the phone.

When the owner returned she called and apologized, letting OP know that the tech who had canceled her appointment had been fired and the one who had made the call was being re-trained.

OP said she would remove the review since her service had been great in the past, but that she wouldn’t feel comfortable returning.

A couple days pass and I get a call from the owner, she tells me she feels embarrassed that she was gone when this happened, that she would’ve never allowed for her employees to treat a regular like they did me. She says after consideration she decided to let go of the woman who cancelled on me, gave more training to the woman who was on the phone with me, and asked me if I would reconsider coming back, that she would personally handle my appointment.

I told her that since I was treated well in the past I would remove the 1 star review, but since I was known there I wasn’t comfortable coming back. I was able to separate an appointment at another salon.

Some people think she was being too harsh and she just should have let it go, so she’s asking Reddit – did she take things too far?

My family members are saying I should’ve just let it go and not escalate it and causing someone to get fired. AITA?

Our friendly Redditors are weighing in below!

If people are unprofessional, they’re going to get poor online reviews. It’s the way of the world these days.

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You know what they say about playing stupid games…

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She basically got herself fired, if you want to get technical about it.

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They could have just lied and avoided all of this?

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OP didn’t ask that anyone be fired, after all.

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No one wants to be a Karen, but there are times when our complaints are legitimate.

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