This Woman Refused To Share Lunch With A Colleague – Did She Go Too Far?

To anyone who has ever worked in an office, it’s no secret that dynamics in the workplace can be as complex as they are elsewhere in your life. There’s a hierarchy, a philosophy, and a bunch of other things that must be navigated in order for everyone to be successful and happy.

This OP is a freelancer who doesn’t spend a ton of time in the office with regular employees, so she’s wondering if maybe she went too far with her payback scheme.

The kerfuffle began when their boss ordered McDonald’s for the office and this colleague took all of the chicken nuggets and ate them alone at her desk.

I (25F) work at a media house. The colleague in question is 29F. Let’s call her Amy.

A few days back, one of our bosses called for McDonald’s for the whole office. Since most of our colleagues are vegetarians, there were relatively lesser non vegetarian options.

Amy decided to take all the chicken nuggets (there were like 3 sets of 9-pieces each) and eat them at her desk. I think she also kept a few in her bag.

I would have spoken one-on-one about this if Amy was a friend or even a friendly colleague. We hardly know each other.

I’m a freelancer and unlike the other in-house employees, Amy has never taken a step to be welcoming to freelancers or responded to anything social at least as far as I can recollect. Which is her business tbh, I don’t really care.

I would have even let it go if it was just her refusal to share her portion of chicken nuggets that she claimed but she literally took them all.

When OP asked for a couple, this woman refused.

Anyway so while I’m passing by, I ask if I can take one. She refuses point blank. Legit screams out “no!” and takes the pack away. Same with a bunch of other colleagues who asked.

Then we realized she has taken all of them cuz there were none left in the pantry. It was infuriating to see a grown woman behave this way.

A few days later OP and the other people in the office decided to order a big Chinese lunch but did not as the nugget-stealer if she wanted anything.

When she smelled the food and tried to serve herself some, OP told her no way.

Earlier today, I decided to order in from this nearby Chinese place. There were fewer of us in office day, so I asked everyone except Amy if they wanted anything. We all contributed and ended up ordering a big lunch for ourselves.

Food comes, we sit around a table to eat. Amy notices and comes around, making small talk. As soon as she reaches for a plate and tries to serve, I tell her she can’t have the food as we all ordered it for ourselves.

Amy looks at me in disbelief. I shrug. Amy slams the plate back on the table and storms off.

The woman was obviously mad and her colleagues think maybe they went too far embarrassing her in front of everyone.

She ate alone later and didn’t say much to anyone the whole day.

My colleagues are split about this. Half of them say she had it coming. The other claim I was a little too harsh to exclude and embarrass her.


Does Reddit think so? Let’s find out!

This person says while none of this was nice, no one owes anyone lunch they didn’t pay for.

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And more than a few people couldn’t believe she had the gall after stealing all of the nuggets.

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This person says you’re not required to be nice to other adults who can’t conform to the rules of polite society.

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Being polite is still a thing in some places, apparently.

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But, in the end… it’s best to just leave it be. Right?

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This is all very deliciously petty, don’t you think?

Would you have followed up in this manner or taken the high road? Let’s talk about it in the comments!