This Woman Thought It Was OK To Bring A Live Snake To A Pumpkin Patch

People like to throw around the word “entitled” these days, and if you’re inclined to look at the world a certain way, it does seem like more and more people think they should be able to do what they want, when they want without consequences.

And definitely without thinking of other people.

This woman, like so many of us, recently visited a pumpkin patch.

Unlike most of us, she didn’t think following any rules applied to her.

She and her family purchased tickets and ride coupons at what sounds like a fairly large pumpkin patch, but were asked to leave shortly after arriving because they had brought the family snake along for the outing – a request she found ridiculous.

Image Credit: Someecards

The manager (or whoever) replied very politely, stating they didn’t think a sign regarding snakes was necessary, that they were sorry for the trouble, and offered to let them use their tickets another day.

Image Credit: Reddit

The woman was still mad, stating she couldn’t afford to come back and even if she could, she couldn’t recreate the perfect weather.

She asked for a refund instead.

Image Credit: Reddit

The pumpkin patch refused, stating again they could use all of their tickets another day and even offering to make the offer extend to next fall, as well.

Image Credit: Reddit

Not good enough, and now she might go to the press!

Image Credit: Reddit

Y’all, imagine thinking you’re so in the right here that a news outlet would have to agree with you and take up your banner.

Also, as someone whose husband owns snakes, I really don’t think a fall day outside is the best place for a happy reptile pet.

I kind of feel sorry for the snake.

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