This Woman Told a Man He Was Too Old to Have a Child. Was She Wrong?

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AITA? I Told A Man He Was Too Old To Have A Toddler.

“I (51F) recently went on a date with a 54M.

I knew he had two kids. While we were eating he tells me their ages: 32F and 3M. That’s a deal breaker to me. At my age with grown kids (25M and 26F), the last thing I want to be bothered with is a man with a toddler and all the potential drama. The mom is 30.

I went on with the date because I was having fun. When it was over, I had every intention of letting things just fade away (yes, I can be passive aggressive). Well, he called a couple of days later wanting to go out again. I tried the whole, “I’m not ready” thing but he kept trying.

Finally, I told him that the fact that he has a toddler is a deal breaker. Too much possible drama and I am way too old for that (hint hint). He told me I was being hypocritical since I was a single mom. I said a single mom of two GROWN KIDS.

He kept repeating himself and I kept repeating myself. Finally, I told him that having a baby at 51 shows a stunning lack of judgment that I don’t need in my world.

He was quiet for a minute, told me that was a messed up thing to say. He told me I should have told him that before he paid for my dinner and that it was a b**ch move then hung up.


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