This Woman Wants to Know if She’s a Jerk for Wearing a Wig to a Wedding

Uh oh…it’s another story about a wedding filled with drama about what people are going to be wearing…and this time it’s not a dress, but a wig!

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AITA for wearing a wig to a wedding?

“My cousin 28 F (Alyssa) has anorexia and as a result she has a lot of hair loss.

Her best friend, Jamie, reached out to me (44f) and the other bridesmaids about cutting our hair chin length as a surprise so that she doesn’t feel alone, and we could grow our hair out together. (Alyssa, Jamie and the other bridesmaids are white with straight or wavy hair.)

I’m sure my fellow black women can relate, but my hair does not grow fast. It is currently at my preferred length, slightly above the collarbone, and it has taken a lot time to get to this length. I kindly explained that to Jamie and said I wouldn’t cut my hair, but I had no problem with wearing a wig at that length. Jamie got angry with me after I kept saying no to her offer.

The day of the wedding comes, and at this point Jamie isn’t talking to me. I saw her in the dressing room and when she saw me she had a big smile. She said “I’m so glad you decided to follow through and cut your hair.”

Now, Ms Girl was triflin if she thought I was gonna cut my hair, so yes, I wore a synthetic lace wig. I was already planning to tell her and Alyssa after the wedding that it was fake so I didn’t ruin their day, but as I was getting my dress on something happened.

One of the clips (on the dress) got stuck on the wig, no problem right? Well, if you didn’t know, cheap, last minute, and rushed wig instalments tend to not be good. Jamie rushed over to help me, and while doing so she notice part of my lace poking out from the wig.

She stopped d**d in her tracks and stared at me with a dirty look and said “Oh, so you’re wearing a wig?”. Mind you, she said this loud enough for everyone to hear (Alyssa included). Everyone was looking at me weirdly.

They starting saying things like “how could you do that to Alyssa?” The rest of the wedding went on, even though I got quite a few dirty looks from Alyssas friends and our family.

As soon as I got home, the messages rolled right in. My cousins, aunts, uncles, Alyssas friends, everyone! It was all of them calling me a s**t person for not just cutting my hair. It be your old people. I just do not understand how my black family do not get how long it takes for me to grow out my hair!!

So Reddit, AITA?”

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