Tom Hanks Reads Sweet Tweets, and We Are Can’t Thank Him Enough

Photo Credit: YouTube

Tom Hanks (The Nicest Man in Hollywood) teamed up with Twitter Movies to produce the sweetest Tweet-based film of probably all time.

For the short, Hanks looks through Twitter finding the nicest tweets and then reads them for us in his oh-so-soothing voice.

The video was released right before Thanksgiving, and it is filled with Hanks telling Chicken Soup for the Soul-style stories, but from Twitter – stories about overcoming adversity, about people doing good deeds, and, of course, about adorable animals.

The first tweet Hanks read was from a former McDonald’s employee. The employee had worked at one fast food joint for two and a half years, and whenever he prepared a ten-piece nugget meal, he’d throw in an extra one, just because.

Photo Credit: YouTube

How many times did tears come to your eyes because you found 11 nuggets instead of the ten you paid for in your order? Every single time, I tell you. How often did a nugget surprise happen? Not often.

But that’s what makes it special.

So, thank you former McD’s employee. There needs to be more people like you in the world.

Hanks thinks so too. “That is a man who’s not only being nice, but he’s feeding the world a little bit better. And [he’s] bucking the corporate strategy. Bravo! That’s a nice thing to do!”

Lucky for us, there are many more stories like that one on here. Watch the video early and often throughout the holiday season:

It will lift your spirits and make you happy. Guaranteed.