People Are Talking About How Weird Toucans Really Are, Sharing Facts About Them On Tumblr

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I think I’ve been pretty clear and consistent in all of my writings that birds totally freak me out. They’re a little too smart, their beaks a tad too sharp…they’re just too much like dinosaurs for my liking.

That said, I have no trouble admitting that they’re interesting, and fun facts are business, so…here are some things you probably didn’t know about toucans.

You’re going to be glad you read through these, I promise.

First, this Tumblr thread that just can’t get over how big their beaks really are (and also, how they sleep omg).


Then, let’s move on to the fact that their beaks are used as cooling mechanisms. What even?

Toucan’s bill has a network of blood vessels and expand them to cool down its body temperature — just like the elephants use their big ears from r/Awwducational

Who doesn’t love babies? ONLY MONSTERS.

Toucans have a courtship ritual that involves throwing and catching berries to each other with their beaks from Awwducational

Baby Toucan Bird from interestingasfuck

This is why they can fly with that enormous beak:

Image Credit: Blogspot

Seriously, that’s so weird!

An X-rayed toucan’s beak from interestingasfuck

Here’s a bonus photo of this “opportunistic omnivore” actually fishing. Sometimes I guess you just get a hankering for meat!

Image Credit: Wikipedia

I promised weird and random, and did I deliver, or what?

Did we leave anything out? Are you enamored with toucans now? Tell us about it below!