Woman’s Sick Husband Shares Their ‘Cheapest’ Healthcare Plan For Them, Which They Can’t Afford


It’s no secret that the United States has an expensive healthcare system. Insurance costs can easily eat up or exceed a person’s paycheck, and there are over 100 million Americans struggling with medical debt.

That number is so enormous, it’s hard to even conceptualize, which is why we need personal stories to really feel the impact. Stories like this Twitter thread.

Lori, or @iCounterSpin, shared a screenshot of the costs of healthcare plans available to her sick husband. The reality is devastating: Lori’s husband needs to stay covered so he can stay alive. But how can they afford coverage with prices like these?

As you can see from the screenshot, the only plans available to her are not only expensive, but they involve sky high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses as well.

Lori did everything she could to try to find ways to save. She tweeted out one her ideas:

Healthcare and illness are a sensitive topic in the United States today. Lori’s thread elicited plenty of responses from people who face similar struggles.

Others promptly tried to help her find solutions.

Another well-wisher tried to impart advice as well.

Others wanted to find ways to pitch in more directly.

People from other countries also showed their concern.

Though the subject of Lori’s thread was serious, she chose not to accept offers to start a crowdfunding page. Instead, she encouraged people to support presidential candidates that have discussed their desire to change healthcare policies in the U.S.

Airing out grievances can be a hit or miss on Twitter, but once again, people on social media showed that they have compassion and just want their fellow people to be OK. Good on Lori for sharing her story so others can understand how the backwards U.S. healthcare system truly affects people.

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