Trash from the 1920s Is Treasure in 2018, Apparently

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Chicago’s Congress Theater was built in 1926, and is currently undergoing renovations. During the process, Eric Nordstrom started going through the old theater looking for objects he could reclaim (he works for a company that does this exclusively). At first, he was finding the usual: old newspapers, pipes, tools, and blueprints.

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On a subsequent treasure hunt, though, he found something more delicious – a trove of candy wrappers and matchbooks that dated back to the building’s first years. They had gathered in air circulation chambers that should have been cleaned regularly, but one person’s laziness created “a time capsule containing decades worth of refuse,” according to Nordstrom.

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Knowing people, it’s just a matter of time before someone tries to buy the wrappers for way more money than seems justifiable…

h/t: Atlas Obscura

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