Travel Coast-to-Coast by Train and See America’s Greatest Sites for Just Over $200


Ever traveled by train? It’s a pretty great experience, and an amazing way to see all of the beauty that America has to offer.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Amtrak

If you have the time, taking a long train trip is a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of air travel or the monotony of long car rides. You can just sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy the scenery through your window.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Amtrak

And now might be the time to try that coast-to-coast train trip. Travel blogger Derek Low has worked out a transcontinental U.S. train adventure that costs just a measly $213 and allows you to see some amazing sites along the way.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The trip Low came up with runs from San Francisco to New York, a 3,397-mile jaunt that passes through 11 states.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Amtrak

Low admits he spent more on his vacation, $429, because he purchased a 15-day rail pass from Amtrak that allowed him to branch off to see even more of the country. But hey, even $429 isn’t bad for two full weeks of travel.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Amtrak

What do you think, adventure seekers? Ready to try something a little different this summer and see America the way our ancestors did – from the rails? I think it sounds like a great idea!

h/t: Thrillist 

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