TSA Program Allows People to Adopt the Dogs That Are Too Nice to Sniff for Bombs

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Looking for a German shepherd or Labrador retriever as a pet? Consider getting on the Transportation Security Administration’s waiting list for one of their training school dropouts.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Although they may be the right breed for the job, some pups are just too sweet to take on the task. Sniffing bags for bombs and drugs and goodness knows what else is serious work, which means that only dogs with the sharpest of focus can graduate.

For the pups who are easily distracted, the TSA has organized an adoption program to get them into homes with families where they would be happiest.

Information on how to apply to be considered as an adoptive household can be found on the TSA website.

Generally, you can’t be considering a move for at least six months, and you have to be capable of providing training, exercise and care. You might also need to have a fenced in yard.

Which sounds simple enough for the chance at such a cutie!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

If approved, prospective owners are asked to come out to San Antonio twice—once for a meet and greet and once again to take the puppy to its new home.

Sounds amazing, right?

Now, for the bad news. Due to the overwhelming response (so many people want to give these adorable dropouts a home), the TSA is currently not taking new applicants.

But maybe go visit the website anyway, so that the next time there are openings, you’ll be prepared.