Tumblr Explains Why Kudzu Is a Monstrous Plant That Only Wants to Destroy

One of the best things about Tumblr is that you never truly know where a thread will go.

For example, consider this thread that starts out discussing how odd tree houses are, wends its way through the murderous nature of plants, and concludes with a fierce explanation of why kudzu is truly the worst plant ever.

Confused? It’s understandable, but don’t worry: this thread is a lot of fun.

It all started when one person noted how bizarre it is that we build treehouses at all.

When you think about it, treehouses are pretty weird! But all of this brought up a pretty fascinating idea: do plants wage war?

Some people definitely think they do.

A lot of the people on the thread back up the idea that blackberries are particularly nefarious.

But of course, there’s one plant that is truly the most monstrous of them all: kudzu.

If you’re somehow not familiar with the name, kudzu is a group of vines that somehow manage to twist and turn just about anywhere.

Kudzu is also seemingly impossible to get rid of, as this person learned.

A second person chimed in to back up the first.

Kudzu really is that terrible.

Soon, several people had chimed in.

Can you believe that the kudzu has totally covered up those trees?!

Kudzu really just comes in and slays, but not in a good way.

The plant also leaves evidence of its devastation everywhere.

For example, kudzu took over what used to be a house:

And it’s also just pretty massive:

However, Tumblr also says there’s hope yet.

It turns out that goats are pretty great at keeping the plant at bay.

Which is great, because it has consumed so much.

Kudzu is actually so bad in the southern United States that it’s been described as a “structural parasite.”

Tumblr also proposes a creative solution: since kudzu is edible, maybe we should just eat it to make it go away.

In other words… sometimes, it really does come down to eat, or be eaten.

So… that’s nuts! Did you even know that a plant could get that invasive?

Do you have a crazy kudzu story? Do you have a crazy story about plants?

Tell us all about it in the comments!