People Went Full Mythological Scientist On Dragon Evolution

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Ever think about how dragons have eyes on the sides of their heads? Well, now you are.

That doesn’t make much sense, though. Dragons will kill you on sight, so shouldn’t their eyes be more forward set like other predators?

And if the thought of that is blowing your mind, you’ll love this Tumblr thread where this becomes a serious discussion.

A flamethrower is not a precision weapon.

Behold, the Gentle Cow

Not a meat-eater. Eyes on the sides.

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And the Fearsome Dragon?

Definitely likes its meat.

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An Apex Predator If There Ever Was One

The eyes however…

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Are on the Sides!

Like a damn cow.

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Let the Debate Begin

Dragons are like chameleons. Of course!

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Let’s Do a Deep Dive

Lots to unpack here.

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“A Flamethrower is Not A Precision Instrument”

Just ask Godzilla.

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Dragons Have Been Here (Sort Of) For Thousands of Years

Their eye placement seems to be working.

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I don’t know about you, but this thread has answered a question I never really had.

Still, the next time I see a dragon in a movie or on TV, I can say,

“For the love of Smaug, do you see how perfectly that dragon’s eyes work on the sides of his face? I would have thought such a predator would have his eyes up front like a wolf.

But does it matter? It’s not strictly a mammalian thing and a flamethrower is not a precision weapon by any stretch.

Pass the popcorn.”

And, everyone would look at me, like, whoa.