Turn Camping Into One Big Party With These Giant Tents

For many people, the idea of camping is better than the actual practice of going camping.

We imagine drinking around a fire with our friends at night, making some s’mores, and maybe lazying on a raft in the river during the day, but the truth is, like everything you do as an adult, it’s also a ton of work.

A good, easy to use, and comfortable tent can also make a big difference, and in the case of this giant tent, you can also share it with your friends – no more having to pause the party if some bad weather moves in!

PodTents has created this large, multiple tent way of camping and honestly, I don’t think people will look back.

Connected by tunnels, each pod can house a separate family (or one can be your bar!) so you can stay connected while avoiding the mosquitos.

Seriously, camping might never be the same!

The tents are tall enough for an adult to walk through without ducking, meaning you’ve got plenty of space to maneuver (and hopefully a campsite that’s plenty big enough, too).

They claim that the design is simple and self explanatory as well, created with easy assembly in mind.

Even two camping beginnings, they say, could pitch one of their tents in around 20 minutes.

The PodTent isn’t cheap, coming in around $499 as a starting price, but if you’re into the idea of camping, these might be a way to actually ease yourself into the actual practice, as well.

It’s tempting, right?

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