Turn Your iPhone Photos Into Stickers With Polaroid’s New Mobile Printer

These days most of us almost exclusively use our phones to take pictures. How many people do you know who actually own a camera for everyday use? (Outside of professional photographers.)

We use our phones to take pictures of our babies, pets, the food we eat, ourselves—but how often do we turn these digital pictures into tangible photographs? My guess, not often.

But what if you could turn those digital photos into physical photos, quickly, and even on the go?

Enter: Polaroid’s new Hi-Print mobile printer, Polaroid Zip.

Image Credit: Polaroid

The Polaroid Zip is a cute, little mobile printer that allows you to turn the picture you take on your phone into instant stickers.

Utilizing the accompanying app you can also edit your photos and add text before printing!

These babies are perfect for avid journalers, scrapbookers, or just those who enjoy making cute stickers!

The Polaroid Zip comes in red, white, blue, and black, so you can buy the model that matches your style.

According to Polaroid’s website, the Zip is only 6.6oz and making it lightweight, and easy to take with you. The Zip’s battery lasts 1.5 hours and should give you 25 prints per battery charge.

Image Credit: Best Buy

The Zip is iOS and Android™ compatible, connects via your Bluetooth, and uses ZINK Zero Ink™ printing technology to create 2×3ʺ full-color prints.

While this isn’t the only mobile printer on the market, nor is it Polaroid’s first (they released one in 2001!) Polaroid, and the instant photograph it’s provided, offer a special sort of nostalgia for many.

Would you buy the Polaroid Zip? Let us know why or why not, in the comments!