Twitter Explodes After Someone Asks if People Wash Their Legs and Feet in the Shower

Photo Credit: iStock

Do you wash your legs in the shower?

On second thought — don’t answer that. This simple poll question nearly caused Twitter to break, with over 800,000 votes at the time of its close, and the results are…unnerving.

Twitter user Conor Arpwei posed the casual question to his Twitter followers on May 9.

“Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?”

Most people — 80 percent of respondents — answered yes. But then, 20 percent answered no.

Cue a massive debate about hygiene.


Those who answered “no” defended themselves in the replies.

Many claimed that the soapy water from their upper body drips down and cleanses their legs, and that actually scrubbing their legs is unnecessary. That’s a point that some dermatologists actually support.

Other anti-leg-washers claimed that soap is too harsh for their skin.

But for a lot of people, the fact that the question even had to be asked is… shocking.

Because if you ARE washing the rest of your body, why not your legs? What’s the rationale?

Anyway, after this debate took over Twitter for a while, reporter Katie Alexander chimed in with a follow-up question: Are people washing their feet?

“I’ll admit, I don’t usually wash the bottoms of my feet because a)they’re already in all the soapy water at the bottom & b) it makes it scary slippery! Your thoughts?” Katie tweeted.

Annnd the debate got even tenser.

“Even Jesus washed his feet,” one user astutely noted.

“What is even going on??” another user asked.

“Katie, that’s dirty soap gathered around your feet,” another pointed out.

Needless to say, Katie has been peer-pressured into washing her feet from now on.

As for all those thousands of people who don’t wash their legs?! They’ll probably never change.