It’s “Impossible to Overstate the Cultural Damage Done by South Park,” Says Writer

South Park is a well-known show that’s no stranger to public scrutiny and criticism. Sift through the internet and you’ll see many think pieces, essays, and rebukes against the show.

Author Dana Schwartz is one of the many people who has recently voiced her opinion on South Park’s cultural impact—and the damage the show has caused.


That’s true. The show is well-known for mocking almost everyone: world leaders, minorities, the people who oppress minorities, celebrities, and cultural fads.

Here is yet another point the author makes:


But Schwartz also tries to give South Park credit for its recent apology.


The show also had to apologize to China for how it was portrayed. But Schwartz also tried to respect the fact that some of the show’s damage is also on the fans themselves. She’s right in pointing out that TV has a big influence on people, but audiences do choose what they take seriously and internalize.

The author then went on to clarify her position to both people who wanted to have a real discussion, and the many trolls that descended onto her timeline.

Schwartz also criticized the show for making it popular to “do nothing” about the world’s potential problems—and be smug about it.

And though there were many trolls who were angry at Schwartz, others provided some insight.

Another Twitter user shared his point of view as well.

Schwartz definitely made some good points about South Park and its fans. Even if you disagree with it, dissecting a show’s influence on popular culture always makes for an interesting debate.

Where do you stand? Did South Park influence boys (and some girls) negatively or it just a satire?

We’ll happily entertain your opinion in the comments section.