Twitter Would Really Like the Aussies Online to Answer These 20 Burning Questions

Image Credit: Pixabay

The Land Down Under can seem mysterious to those who haven’t ventured on the other side of the equator – more so when you consider how Aussies, their country, and their deadly wildlife are portrayed by the media and by Hollywood.

Which is to say, we have some questions, Aussies. Won’t you please give us the answers?

#20.Yeah, I’m going to guess that’s an ‘us’ and not a ‘them’ problem.


#19. Both?

#18. Now I can’t un-hear this.

#17. I personally find this amazing.

#16. They don’t want to get eaten.

#15. Are they not gross?

#14. Maybe we don’t drink enough?


#13. Because it’s delish?


#12. Is it really evening if it’s still bright and sunny?

#11. This is like asking why Americans go to Mexico.

#10. To be fair, cattle don’t talk.

#9. I’ve seriously always wondered this.


#8. Sometimes you have to use what you’ve got.

#7. What on earth is chicken salt?

#6. How did I not know this?

#5. That’s what everyone called them in the 70s.

#4. Fair.

#3. This is the Brits, too. Americans are just prudes.


#2. Pretty much the same thing if you ask me.

#1. Because she’s awesome?


Seriously, if you haven’t made a trek to New Zealand and Australia, what are you waiting for?