Video Captures Two Big Sea Lions Climbing on Top of a Tiny Boat, Living Their Best Life

Photo Credit: Pixabay

As an avid fisherman, Joshua Phillips has plenty of wild stories. And since he owns his own fly fishing equipment shop in Olympia, Washington, he gets plenty of time out on the water. But even Joshua was stunned when he came across a pair of sea lions lounging on boat so small that they practically sink it. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” Joshua told a local newspaper.

Joshua was motoring along the Eld Inlet off Puget Sound when he came across the strange sight. At first, it looked like a boat with a huge brown pile of something on top of it.

“It looked a little off and we got closer and closer and realized there were two massive animals on board,” Joshua told The Olympian.

Naturally, he took a video and posted it on Instagram.


The video shows the two sea lions, relaxing on the small boat. Their weight is so heavy that the boat is dipping far below the water, but it’s still managing to stay afloat. The enormous animals calmly gaze at Joshua’s camera as he very loudly marvels at the view.

“That’s so close to sinking,” Joshua says on the video. “That thing eats three more salmon, it’s done for.”

Someone shot another video of the incident from the shore. In that video, you can see that a third sea lion circles the boat and looks very keen on climbing aboard. If three extra salmon would sink this boat, an entire extra sea lion definitely would.


Joshua said he’s seen orcas and gray whales, but in all his time on the water, he’s never seen two sea lions chillin’ on a little sailboat.

But now he has.