Uber Driver Basks in the Glow as Rude Passenger Ruins Her Own Trip

People who work in customer service really have to deal with quite a lot from the people they end up serving.

Few people know this like those who drive for companies such as Uber and Lyft.

While many passengers are wonderful, there are definitely the entitled few who consider Uber to be their personal chariot.

One driver recently shared what happened when they picked up a rude passenger who thought she knew better than the GPS… and how the driver got to bask in the joy of the woman’s plans being ruined as a result.

Sounds like the trip started off in a perfectly reasonable way, right?

Let’s see how it proceeds.

The driver makes an excellent point: Uber drivers are many things, but they definitely are not your personal planners.

If you want that kind of service, you should probably have your own driver.

Also, don’t we kind of rely on our drivers to know which road is the best road? It’s literally their job.

Well, maybe people like Rhonda actually do think they know better.

Can you imagine what the energy in that car must have felt like? Rhonda was absolutely ready to boil over, while the driver was just chilling, doing their job.

Not only was Rhonda wrong about the best way to go, but she also had to sit there and watch people sail right on by the entire time!

This is definitely a great story about how sometimes, people really do get what they deserve.

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