The Unfaithful Guy/Jealous Girlfriend Meme Couple Has an Entire Story on Shutterstock


Isn’t it great when people take a silly, little idea and just snowball it into a wild and amazing tale for the masses? Kind of like this article about two guys tweeting the plot of an entire cheesy horror movie with each other. Well, this is another shining example of human creativity at its best, and it all started with the “jealous girlfriend” stock photo that serves as the foundational image for what seems like a million memes.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Twitter,TheIciestCube

Photo Credit: Twitter,dilemmalord

Some genius discovered that this cute, stock photo couple are a recurring theme on Shutterstock and decided to tell their entire story on Twitter. So settle in and prepare to laugh and cry as you are taken on a fascinating rollercoaster ride of love, lies, sorrow, and crime, with the most interesting fake couple on the planet.

BONUS: There is also an EPIC video that tells the complete story of love, heartbreak, of the world’s worst boyfriend:

h/t: Twitter,Stupidfanficmo1

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