The Unipiper Keeps Portland, the World, and the Internet Weird

Photo Credit: The Unipiper

One man. One wheel. Three flaming pipes.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make the world weird:

These are tense and troubled times.

Keeping Portland weird just isn’t enough.

We need a cosplayer with a bagpipe that shoots fire. And we need that costumed crusader on no more than one wheel at a time.

He may not be the flaming, one-wheeled piper we deserve.

But he’s absolutely the one we need right now.

Photo Credit: The Unipiper

The triforce doesn’t show up in that first video for nothing.

Here he is playing a little ditty you Hyrulers might dig:

Or maybe you’re more into GOT, when it comes to getting your medieval on.

That’s cool.

Unipiper has you covered:

He’s also very patriotic, just generally festive in all seasons, and a civil minded guy…