People Are Sharing Their Favorite Sports’ Facts That Seriously Impressed Them

Even as a sports fan, I sometimes check out when someone starts spouting stats. What’s interesting to one fan might not be so to another, and vice versa, right?

While that’s true, I feel confident that these 20 facts are cool and interesting enough to keep even your most jaded friend’s eyes from glazing over.

20. Love him or hate him, he gets it done.

I know you probably hate him, though.

19. It’s his assists.

All of Gretzky’s stats are crazy, tbh.

18. People in WI still prefer Favre.

Who is better looking, though? Real questions…

17. Pretty weird, right.

Also, that’s a lot of hits.

16. Dang, that’s wild.

Would be unstoppable even now!

15. How crazy is that?

Bad luck, Griffey Jr.

14. I don’t know if this is a sport.

It should be, though no one would probably beat him.

13. He made you hit the ball.

It’s what all great pitchers do.

12. That’s how good Tiger Woods was (is?).

Too bad he’s a trash human.

11. Well that’s awkward.

Not the way you want to be remembered.

10. Some people get better with age.

Not often in professional sports, though.

9. Talk about a long career!

There’s a feather in your cap.

8. All of these are blowing my mind.

Does ANYONE do this these days?

7. When you literally have nothing to say.

You’ve gotta dig up something.

6. Sure made it exciting.

As long as you weren’t the opponents.

5. He’s got a lot of competition.

Kansas basketball hasn’t been great forever, I guess.

4. She is simply the best.

Not on bars, but that’s okay.

3. This is hard to compute.

Might be the best NFL stat on the list.

2. “Without a single loss.”

What on EARTH??

1. Credit where credit is due.

Even to Peyton Manning.

I loved reading every one of these!

Which one are you going to put in your pocket to whip out? Tell us in the comments!