Waffle House’s Bacon and Kegs Beer Pairs Perfectly With Your Late-Night Breakfast

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that nothing is better than having a delicious, syrupy breakfast in the middle of the night.

It’s one of the best things about being young, if I recall, and Waffle House has definitely cornered the market on offering the best breakfast around, no matter whether the sun is up or not.

Now, that breakfast is about to get even better with the entrance of their Bacon and Kegs Beer.

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The beer is a red ale that’s infused with bacon extract, and is available at Waffle House locations all over the site.

The restaurant chain collaborated with Georgia-based Oconee Brewing Company to make the breakfast-themed beverage a reality.

The beer-and-bacon delight is 6.5-percent ABV and is a yummy blend of malty, sweet beer and smoky, salty bacon.

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Oconee Brewing posted about the creation on Instagram, saying “Bacon & Kegs pairs well with breakfast food items (obviously!) or can be enjoyed as a standalone, soon to be iconic beer.

The can features Waffle House’s iconic black-and-yellow theme, just like their sign, and on the back is a Waffle House restaurant set against a background of bacon strips and beer pints.

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In addition to Waffle House restaurants, you can nab the cans directly from Oconee Brewing Company in Greensboro, Georgia.

They’re offering six packs or drafts (you can get a growler to go), but it’s not going to be as good as the first time you pair it with a 2 am breakfast.

Have you tried this beer? Are you going to? Tell us about it in the comments!