Was She Wrong for Kicking Her Boyfriend Out of the Car During a Road Trip? People Responded.

I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but I can TOTALLY see myself giving someone the boot on a road trip if they did something to really make me mad.

So I can sympathize with this woman for kicking her boyfriend out when they were in the middle of nowhere…

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AITA for kicking my boyfriend and his friend out of my car in the middle of our road trip?

“My boyfriend (27M) and I (26F) decided to go on a road trip like we do every year. This year he said he doesn’t want to “ruin” his new car and suggested we go in my car. He also requested to do the driving but I told him it’s my car then I should drive it, he tried to make comments about how my driving is slow, and inconsistent but eventually dropped it and we went.

He brought his buddy with him and they both sat in the back. Once we got on the road, My boyfriend started making comments about my driving while asking me to let him drive instead. I ignored him and kept driving but then he and his friends kept saying things like “op you’re driving like a giiiirl — wait you are a girl!” then they start laugh and then say “you’re driving is as bad as our old neighbor”.

Again I ignored them but —- they go again with “srsly, who taught you to drive like that?” and “hope the cops pull us over and end this misery”. I couldn’t take it anymore and I began to lose my temper. so I told them to stop and that if either of them make one more comment, ONE comment about my driving then I’d kick them out.

My boyfriend glanced at me then things got quiet for about 5 minutes then he finally mumbled “alright I think we should call 9-11 because you’re driving is causing me brain damage”. I snapped, I immediately stopped the car and told him I had enough and that he had to get out.

He tried to argue saying I was overreacting and he was just trying to “teach” me to drive better but I told him to get out!!!! his friend came at me defending him but I told him to get out too. My boyfriend then said I was nuts because we were in the middle of nowhere but there was a gas station near by. I told them both to get out and put their bags on the side of the road then drove off. I went home instead of continuing the trip and I cried all the way til I got there.

Later I had an argument with my boyfriend upon his return and he told me it was cruel of me to kick him and his friend out and ruin the trip over few comments they made with good intentions. I told him that he mocked my driving the entire time and called it horrible and in response he said he was just being honest with me and that this is all my fault for refusing to let him drive in the first place.

Now we’re not even talking and he keeps huffing and puffing around me for doing this to him and his friend.”

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