Was This Guy Wrong for Canceling a Date Because a Woman Suggested Meeting at Starbucks? People Responded.

There’s no doubt about it, online dating is tough.

And when people who you’re supposed to meet up with for a first date act like elitist jerks, well, things can be even tougher.

And a woman shared an interaction she had on Hinge that made her question the whole online dating process…and all because she suggested meeting up at Starbucks for their first date.

And you better believe that folks responded to her story on Twitter.

One person said that her suggestion makes her seem like she comes from a “low quality position.”

And this person said her Starbucks suggestion is the reason this guy denied her.

But other Twitter users had different perspectives…

This person said that they meet people for first dates like this instead of going out to a formal dinner.

And another woman said they always pick a semi-lame place for a first date because they don’t want people to know their favorite spots…not a bad idea, right?

This person made a good point: meeting like this is to figure out if you vibe with someone, so why waste a bunch of money if you might end up not liking the person?

And finally, this reader made a very good point: this is a safety issue for women.

You better believe it!

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