Was This Military Veteran Wrong for Accusing a Woman of “Stolen Valor”? Here’s What People Said.

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AITA for falsely accusing a veteran of stolen valor, when she couldn’t give any details about her service?

“I (34m) served as a Captain in the Marine Corps.

I have left the service, and right now I am doing an MBA. One of my classmates (31F), who we’ll call “J”, is very gentle, very soft-spoken and unassuming.

J and I were working together on a case study once, and I started opening up to her about my military service and all the lessons that I’ve learnt from the Corps. J enthusiastically told me “that’s so cool! I was a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy!”

I immediately felt suspicious about this claim. As I said, J is very demure, and she doesn’t really have the bravado that is required in the military environment (at least, I feel like a certain amount of bravado is required).

I still humored her, and began asking about the details of her military experience – where she deployed, what courses she went through, what ship she served on, etc etc. Suddenly J got all tight-lipped, and she couldn’t say anything specific about military life.

She kept making excuses along the lines of “it just wasn’t a good period of my life” and “I’d rather not talk about it”. Eventually I felt like I had done enough snooping around, and I bluntly told her that she was bulls**tting, and that I’d rather not work with a phony.

I talked about this experience with my friend, M, at our school’s veterans organization. I told M to be wary of anything J says. M responded by telling me that J did serve, he’s seen her paperwork and ID and everything, and that in fact, one of her MBA recommendation letters was written by a retired rear admiral (O-8) who held J in high regard.


The next time I met J, before our class started, I tried to act chummy towards her and make up for accusing her of being a liar. She laughed in my face and told me to “pound sand, poolee”. And for those of you who don’t know, yes, she was being derisive here.


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