Was This Mom Wrong To Bar Her Son From Wearing Women’s Perfume?

Listen, I know that, just from the title, most of you are already making a negative judgment of the original poster here. I mean, all teenagers make questionable choices – it’s like, an essential part of being a teenager – and very rarely does it work out well for parents to intervene.

This mom says she’s ok with the fact that her 16yo son is effeminate and gay, though she sometimes worries for his safety.

Lately he has begun dating someone new and wearing women’s perfume (these things are probably connected.

My son (16M) is very effeminate, which I have no problem with. However, I do sometimes worry for his safety when he goes out, since the way he acts is likely to draw attention to himself.

Recently, my son started dating a boy from his school, which, as mentioned before, I don’t have a problem with.

However, he began wearing women’s perfume to impress this boy. I’m not talking cheap perfume, I’m talking Black Opium, Daisy and Chanel No.5.

The mom has some pretty petty things to say about his choices of fragrance – opinions that led to her drawing a line in the sand and “forbidding” him to wear it anymore.

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t really say that they’re his “smells.”

By this, I mean that some perfumes work better for some people than they do for others.

A lot of the male perfumes that my son used to wear worked really well for him, unlike his current perfume.

Yesterday, I told my son that he isn’t to wear women’s perfume anymore, due to the aforementioned reasons.

Her son was obviously upset with her judgmental response and is giving him the cold shoulder.

My son took this VERY personally, and accused me of being a “helicopter mom.”

Unsurprisingly, he has been giving me the cold shoulder since then.

AITA for requesting what I did of my son?

She wants to know wether or not she’s wrong, but she…she has to know, right?

The top comment kind of sums it up with a new classic saying.

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While a few people pointed out that OP doesn’t seem as cool with her son’s lifestyle as she claims to be.

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Not everyone gets hung up on gendered scents even being a thing.

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High school is about figuring out what works for you, and he’s not hurting anyone.

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I mean, look at the bright side.

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This woman has stepped over a line, but listen. Raising teenagers is a learning experience for all of us, so she has time to fix it.

If you think she should do anything other than apologize and backpedal, tell us why in the comments!