Was This Person Wrong for Scolding Their Niece for Having a Destination Wedding on a Sunday? People Responded.

When it comes to other people’s weddings, the best thing to do is just keep your mouth shut and enjoy it…

And if there’s something about the event that really doesn’t sit well with you, DON’T GO.

But we all know some people just like to complain and make noise, right?

Take a look at the story below and see if you think this person is being unreasonable.

AITA for scolding my niece for having her destination wedding on a Sunday night?

“My niece, my sister’s daughter is getting married this weekend and her weekend is on Sunday. I’ll skip on it because its a destination wedding (not too far away but still, away from our main city) and its on a Sunday.

On Monday I’m working. As do most of us. My son and his gf will go despite my pleads not to. I told them it’s a waste of money and it’s very wrong how my niece has her wedding on a Sunday night, expecting most of us to skip work the following day.

My son said he doesn’t care, neither does his gf and they’ll just take the day off. But this doesn’t sit right with me. I had rsvp’d no, that I won’t attend and I left a note at the email saying how it’s very inconvenient that they chose that day and how I feel they should be more thoughtful of those of us who work the next day and can’t attend their destination wedding. Regardless, destination wedding or not, Sunday weddings are a no no because people work the next day. They can’t stay up till late for your wedding and then go to work.

My niece called me to say how sorry she is I won’t attend and that it’s ok she’s not offended. I told her that I am actually offended about how she didn’t think this throughout. About how nobody else scolded her on that choice and how many people will now miss out on the wedding for a silly choice she made.

She said that date is special for her and her fiancé that’s why they chose it. I told her of course I understand but she shouldn’t just be thinking about her special and unique date and she should accommodate other people. She defended herself and said she understands how it’s difficult for many people to attend due to that and she doesn’t mind.

That made my blood boil because that girl obviously didn’t care about the comfort and convenience of her guests and only cared about her own special little date. I told her that.

She then started cursing me out and told me “ok who the f**k are you? I f**kin said I understand why people might not be able to attend but my fiancé and I wanted that date so whether or not you can make it is your business. Just rsvp no and shut the f**k up since I don’t owe you any justification on why I chose that date. Good thing your judgemental a** won’t come after all, who knows what else you’d comment on”.

She hang up on me. I called my sister and told her how her daughter spoke to me and she said that her daughter was right. My sister said I was wrong. My son also said I crossed the line and I should indeed STFU and stop being an AH.”

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