Was This Woman Wrong for Reporting Her Creepy Neighbor’s Cameras?

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AITA for reporting creepy neighbour’s cameras without talking him first ?

“I am a woman in my 20s and recently moved houses (I live on my own). My new next door neighbours are a middle aged couple who are extremely religious (I am not going to mention what religion they are but they’re on the more fundamentalistic side of their religion).

We’ve had amazing weather lately and I’ve been spending a lot of my time in my garden, chilling or working on my laptop, wearing shorts and t-shirts or summer dresses. Just normal clothes. I haven’t even really met my neighbours until one day, the woman (Mira) rang my doorbell.

To my surprise, she asked me to start covering up that she has a husband and growing boys and I shouldn’t be showing my body. That men can’t help but look and it’s our, women’s, responsibility to cover our bodies.

I told her that, no and that men are perfectly capable of not looking and perhaps she should teach her husband and sons that they shouldn’t be creeps and I closed the door.

While I haven’t noticed anything earlier, now I was on high alert and whenever I was in the garden, I noticed someone in their house was often creeping on my through the window.

One day, I was coming home from shopping and saw the husband installing a camera FACING MY GARDEN. I could see another one facing my living room. It was creepy to say the least and I decided to get my own camera because I wasn’t feeling safe.

Well, turns out it was a good idea because the husband was a major peeping Tom. Turns out that whenever his wife left and at night (I often stay up late), he would come and try to sneak a peak through my windows (mostly my downstairs bathroom).

I ended up reporting him to local authorities (not the police) for the cameras because you can’t have them facing someone else’s property where I live. They made him take them down and the woman came over shouting at me how I lied about her husband and they got in trouble and she called me various names for the oldest profession in the world.

She claimed that it was a safety camera and I should’ve talked to them first and they would have sorted it out and I didn’t have to get the authorities involved. But frankly, after the last conversation we had, I didn’t feel comfortable speaking with them.

I am now considering reporting him for peeping as well but I am wondering, AITA for reporting them for cameras without speaking to them first?”

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