Watch This Baby Form An Adorable Bond With Their Swim Instructor

Anyone who had a baby or a small child during the most intense quarantine periods of the pandemic can tell you that time was especially rough for them. Their children had no playmates outside of immediate family and, at least for mine, their social skills are a bit off as a result.

As parents, we were looking for ways to let our children experience human bonding whenever and wherever possible, and for these parents of a small infant, they found success with a sweet swimming instructor.

Image Credit: TikTok

Tracey Martorana and her partner knew they wanted their baby to be comfortable around the water, so they put him in swimming lessons at the tender age of just three months old. They weren’t quite sure what to expect, because not only had he not really been around water, he also hadn’t had the chance to meet a lot of new people.

“Being a pandemic baby, our circle is really small. He knows the grandparents, immediate family, and then there’s Carlson. Carlson is part of our crew.”

Carlson is their swim instructor at Saf-T-Swim in New York, who bonded with baby Lucas right from the start.

Image Credit: TikTok

It’s been seven months, and Lucas is now taking private lessons from one of his very best friends. As for Carlson, he’s happy to go with the flow – a necessary trait when dealing with babies in any capacity.

They spend most of their time getting along swimmingly (ahem) as they splash, laugh, and get comfortable with the practice of swimming.

Tracey thought their friendship was too precious to keep to herself, so she shared a few of them online – and everyone agreed the pair are completely adorable.


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The second video is hilarious, with Carlson holding Lucas above the water with one hand while Tracey adds “Circle of Life” over the scene.


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♬ Circle of Life – Furnace and the Fundamentals

“The comment section is hysterical. Everyone loves Carlson.

I think it was just something important for people to see. Love knows no bounds.”

Get your kids out there as much as possible, y’all – the more people they have guiding and rooting for them, the better.

Did your kids form a surprising or sweet connection when they were small?

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