We Think These Are 13 of the Best “Ok, Boomer” Jokes Around

Image Credit: Tumblr

Ok, Boomer is one of the newest (and arguably greatest) memes to take the internet by storm in 2019, which means there’s a lot of content out there – a lot of people looking for their 10 seconds of Twitter fame and the like.

So we went through a bunch (and I mean a bunch) of them for you, and came up with these 13 (so far) that we don’t think you should miss.


13. The suspense must be killing you.

12. I’m assuming they’ve got all of their signatures.

11. No one needs this meme more than Peter Parker.


10. But show some respect Harry or you’ll be stuck with the Dursleys forever.


9. What do you think?

8. It’s nicer than what I would say to Elsa, tbh.

7. This is so perfect it’s meant to be.


6. Yeah, take THAT.

Image Credit: Tumblr

5. Hard to argue with that!

4. Princess Bride references are always okay.


3. When you know you’re raising them right.


2. And it all comes full circle.

1. That awkward moment when…


I just love these tweets and this meme, mostly because as a Xennial (GenX-ish) I can just eat my popcorn and enjoy. Yeah, that’s right… I just want to watch the world burn. Because that’s just what we GenXers do.

Do you love it? Hate it? Don’t mind it, but wouldn’t take it home to meet your parents?

In fifty words or less, please tell us why in the comments! We love to hear from our fans!