Weird and Terrible DIY Home Projects That’ll Make You Scratch Your Head

If my predictions are correct, you’re going to look at these photos, shake your head, and say WHYYYYYYYYYY? at the top of your lungs.

Because what you’re about to see if, quite frankly, weird and disturbing.

We’re about to dive into the world of strange DIY home projects that pretty much exist for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

BUT, at least they are funny, which is all we can really ask for. Hey, we can’t control what other folks do, all we can do is choose to make fun of it or not. And that’s what we’re good at here!

Take a look at these odd DIY projects and it’s probably a good idea that you DON’T try these at home.

Let’s see what happened…

1. That’s a little strange.

Who thought this was a good idea?

Found on r/mildlyinteresting thought it belonged here from DiWHY

2. Gross and weird.

That’s all I can really say about that.

Incognito barefoot "shoes" from DiWHY

3. Don’t misplace it ever again!

Seems a little bit extreme, don’t you think?

A woman on my timeline has a "remote stick", because her family loses the TV remote so often. from DiWHY

4. Denim stairs for days.

Those must be hard to keep clean.

Good lord. from DiWHY

5. Just so it FEELS like there might be some sunlight coming through.

Very bizarre…

These window reflections are painted on. from DiWHY

6. Yes, those are dishes in the yard.

And no, I don’t know why.

This Great Wall of China from DiWHY

7. Do you think that works?

I have a hard time believing this is effective.

Must be a dentist’s car. from DiWHY

8. That looks very classy.

Don’t you agree?

STOP-Don’t throw out your old power strip! from DiWHY

9. And now your apartment is haunted!

Are you happy now?

My girlfriend made some flower pots. These are now in our apartment. from DiWHY

10. Doesn’t look very comfortable.

Have a seat!

Guitar stool on my local marketplace from DiWHY

11. I kind of think this is awesome.

But also totally weird.

DiWHY fence – Van was cheaper than wood? from DiWHY

12. More denim.

I just can’t imagine this would be a good thing.

The Jouch from DiWHY

13. Quite a mailbox.

I wonder if it still has power…

This mailbox from DiWHY

14. But whyyyyyyyyyy?

You can’t unsee this one…

Okay, now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us about any weird or funny DIY projects that you’ve seen.

Or maybe that you’ve even done yourself!

We can’t wait to hear from you!