14 Hilarious Tweets to Help Relieve Your Extreme Boredom

Have you been bored TO THE EXTREME lately?

I know I sure have!

Hey, it’s pretty boring right now with a lot of places closed and not being able to get together in big groups. So we need to have some fun in other ways…and we like to do it with hilarious tweets!

Y’all ready for this? Let’s do it!

1. He used to be so good at this…

What really happened to Waldo?

2. It’s all true.

Give it a shot sometime!

3. Are you sure about that?

They’re the life of the party!


4. I’m not sure that I belong here.

You, sir, are an imposter!

5. Really doesn’t seem fair, does it?

A lot of ladies out there are really suffering.


6. What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?

Just hide inside and never leave your house again.


7. You just sealed the deal with her.

That’s how you show off your intellect.

8. I’m on board with this idea.

I still don’t know if this would actually help more people read books…


9. Get back here!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

10. It’s about to be payback time.

They’re in for a big surprise.

11. Where’s my special place?

I mean, I’ve heard it over and over for many years.

12. This is kind of depressing.

Not in a good place…

13. You should be mortified.

This is absolutely outrageous.

14. I like that, too.

I wasn’t sure what to do…

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, share some funny stuff with us that you’ve seen online lately.

We’re looking for memes, tweets, photos, jokes, etc!

Please and thank you!