If It’s Funny Tweets You Demand, Then Funny Tweets You Will Receive!

You’ve spoken and we’ve been listening, dear readers…

You want tweets. We understand.

And not only do you want tweets, you want tweets that are going to make you laugh, which isn’t always an easy feat.

Luckily we have a crack team of researchers who dig up the good stuff and allow us to present it to you and the rest of the world!

What else can you really ask for?!?!

Here are some funny ones we just know you’re gonna love.

1. You’ll get there! Maybe…

I mean, if you really want to…


They work for just about everything you need in life.


3. This kid is pretty bright.

His future looks great!

4. You’re blowing it!

That really didn’t go very well.

5. You’re way too late to the party…

You think that hurts me? Ha!

6. I need this in my life.

No doubt about that!

7. Is it working?

I…don’t think it’s working. Sorry.

8. Adulting is not for everyone.

It’s a cold, hard fact of life.

9. And that’s why we have body issues.

That really left a mark…

10. I actually support this.

And don’t call me Shirley…

11. Please leave me alone while I’m eating.

Isn’t this just the worst?!?!

12. This is how it really went down.

You learn something new every day…

13. That makes it sound a lot classier, I’ll tell you that much.

I’m gonna start using this.

Now we want to hear from you!

Have you seen any really funny tweets lately? Or memes? Or jokes?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks!