Here’s the Real Reason People Keep Taking Well-Worn Paths


Humans are really funny sometimes, and it’s not unusual for groups of humans to make something unnecessarily complicated.

Take well-worn paths for example. You may have noticed that even when a city designer has created beautiful sidewalks that border a park, if there’s a dirt path cutting through it, a lot of people will still opt for that well-worn path

There’s nothing malicious behind it; we just like what we like, and that’s exactly what one Tumblr thread is all about.

It turns out that our brains are just wired this way.

Why take the beautifully constructed but obviously added on sidewalk when you can take the dirt path that hundreds of people have taken? After all, it’s just there!

There’s even a Dutch term for these paths: olifantenpaadjes, which translates more or less to “elephant paths.”

Of course, the humans who love this path can’t let this tree trick stand, right?

Luckily, an anonymous citizen stepped in to make sure the path was still usable for anyone who wanted to traverse it.

Luckily, the powers that be thought the entire thing was pretty hilarious, and people even started visiting the park to celebrate this feat.

Someone even had the audacity to show up in an elephant costume!

That is definitely a really funny (and fun) story. It’s amazing the lengths to which people will go to keep what they love intact. And it turns out a whole lot of people really love their well-worn paths.

Do you have a favorite path that you love to take? Tell us about it in the comments!